Bylaw Amendments

Volume 116, No. 1January, 2016

The following two bylaw amendments will be introduced at the Feb. 10 membership meeting. Words that are struck through indicate deleted language. Words that are underlined indicate added or new language.

1. ARTICLE VI: ELECTIONS. NEW SECTION 2. In the event there is no opposition for an elected Local 802 Office or position by the filing deadline of an election year, the unopposed eligible candidate(s) shall be declared elected by acclamation. In event that an election year yields no more candidates standing for election than the number of elected offices or positions by the filing deadline, no election shall take place and all eligible candidates shall be declared elected by acclamation. Such declaration shall be made by the President (or presiding officer) at the first Executive Board meeting in November of the election year.

The Executive Board has reported this resolution favorably.

2. ARTICLE III, SECTION 9: EMERGENCY RELIEF FUND. An Emergency Relief Fund shall be established to provide assistance to members in dire need, such fund to be financed by various fund raising activities and contributions but not to use any monies from the General Fund of the Local, with the following sole exception: In the event the Musicians Assistance Program (“MAP”) operated by the Emergency Relief Fund (“ERF”) relocates to a site outside of Local 802 premises at 322 W. 48th Street, New York, NY, any rental revenue received from a replacement tenant in the former MAP space within Local 802 premises may be diverted from the Local 802 General Fund to the Emergency Relief Fund. The “MAP space” is the suite of three small offices located in the southwestern-most corner of the Sixth Floor at 322 West 48th Street, New York, NY. and m Money from the General Fund may be also used for promotion and/or financing of fund raising activities for the Emergency Relief Fund. The Emergency Relief Fund shall publish financial reports semi annually in the official Journal of this Local.

The Executive Board has reported this resolution favorably.