Bylaw Proposal

Volume CVII, No. 9September, 2007


The following bylaw proposal is hereby submitted for the Oct. 17 membership meeting; see back cover for details.

Whereas: Professional musicians are often faced with the need to re-locate in order to continue their careers, and

Whereas: such relocation requires that they join and/or rejoin various AFM Locals over the course of their working lives in the music business, and

Whereas: some long standing members of Local 802 have been members of the AFM continuously for more than 35 years and are older than 65, but are not eligible for honor membership because they do not have 35 years of continuous membership in Local 802, and

Whereas: the AFM bylaws recognize this inequity and allow Local’s to confer honor membership based on years of consecutive AFM membership and not just Local membership, and

Whereas: this can be accomplished without altering the eligibility requirements for the Local 802 Death Benefit.

Therefore be it resolved that Article III, Section 4 of the Local 802 bylaws shall be amended as follows:

Section 4. Honor Membership.

No member of the Local can attain or acquire Honor Membership status until he/she has been a member of the American Federation of Musicians Local for thirty-five (35) consecutive years or more and has attained the age of at least sixty-five (65). However, a member who is officially determined to be disabled under the requirements of the U. S. Social Security Administration or the American Federation of Musicians and Employers Pension Fund shall be eligible for Honor Membership upon applying for that status after attaining the age of forty (40) and after twenty (20) or more consecutive years of membership in Local 802. Nothing herein shall change the eligibility requirements for the Local 802 death benefit contained in Section 4. Article (d) below.

Submitted by Bill Dennison (D05878)