Bylaw resolution for February 2023 membership meeting

Volume 122, No. 11December, 2022

The following bylaw resolution will be presented at the next Local 802 membership meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 22 at 5pm. The bylaw is being submitted by the Executive Board with a favorable recommendation.

Article VII

Section 1. Unchanged

Section 2. Special meetings of the Executive Board may be called by the President in his/her discretion or by the Executive Board and must be called by the Recording Vice-President on the demand in writing of five members of the Executive Board. (New Language)  The Executive Board, by prior unanimous consent, may hold one or more of its meetings via electronic technology (e.g. telephone, videoconference) or as a hybrid meeting (electronic and in person) in conformity with Roberts’ Rules of Order and AFM policy governing electronic meetings. Unanimous consent for electronic and hybrid meetings may be obtained via email or other means. 

Section 3. Unchanged

Section 4. MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS. Unchanged 

Section 5. Unchanged

Section 6. Unchanged

Section 7. Unchanged

Section 8. Unchanged

(NEW) Section 9. Electronic Membership Meetings

(a) Regular and Special Meetings of the membership may be conducted via electronic means (e.g., telephone, videoconference) at the direction of the Executive Board or President, provided that every member is so advised in the meeting notice, and that reasonable provisions have been made to accommodate those members who may have difficulty with the technology utilized (e.g., accommodations such as clear instructions, resource-sharing with other members, community access points).  The Executive Board shall have the power to determine the format of an electronic meeting (e.g., whether it will be all electronic or a hybrid of electronic and in-person)

(b)  In accordance with Roberts’ Rules of Order and AFM policy, when available technology can ensure both the authentication of ballots and anonymity, secret ballots may be utilized in a membership meeting. Where secret ballot voting is required (and the necessary technology not available) in a matter pending before an electronic meeting (e.g., election of officers, raising or lowering dues, by demand of the body, or on other matters required by AFM or Local Bylaws), the question must be referred to a mail ballot vote of the members present in the electronic meeting. When not in conflict with public law or AFM Bylaws, however, the members present in the electronic meeting may, by unanimous consent, waive the Local’s secret ballot requirement and vote by roll call and/or a showing of hands.  

(c) The Executive Board shall set up special rules, subject to adoption by the membership present, to govern how the meeting will be run.  To the extent possible, all electronic membership meetings shall be held in a format that allows all members to see each other, i.e. if using Zoom, utilizing a meeting rather than a webinar format. 

(d)  All video participants in an electronic or hybrid membership meeting shall enable their cameras and be visible to all other participants.

Sections 10-14: Unchanged

The bylaw is being submitted by the Executive Board with a favorable recommendation.