CAC Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2009

Volume CIX, No. 6June, 2009

In attendance: Roger Blanc (RMA), Joyce Flissler (NYCB), Yana Goichman (Single Engagement Concerts), Richard Jenkins (Hotel Committee), Frances McIntyre (Gospel Committee), Gail Kruvand Moye (NYCO)

Meeting called to order at 2:10 pm

Quorum was established to be a simple majority. The CAC has 11 members since there is no longer a Small Theatre Committee represented. Therefore quorum was established to be six members.

The minutes from the Dec. 9, 2008 meeting were approved as read.

Dona Carter and Dottie Anita Taylor presented a request from International Women in Jazz (IWJ) for funding to organize a Jazz Chorus Workshop. 

The request for funds included costs for musicians fees and brochure printing and mailing. The IWJ was founded in 1995 and includes many Local 802 members as well as artists, writers and videographers. The membership numbers almost 150. The IWJ has presented seminars, workshops and master classes. The Women in Jazz Festival which was begun two years ago is a partnership with St. Peter’s Church. In the course of the three days well known artists as well as IWJ members are presented. IWJ also hosts a “First Monday” event which provides an opportunity for members to network and share. This chorus workshop is a first time endeavor which is open to all. Reading music is not a requirement nor are there age limits. 

CAC members asked questions regarding background information about the IWJ and purpose of the chorus workshop. 

Carter and Taylor were thanked and dismissed at 2:45 pm. Discussion was held regarding the proposal. 

As the CAC cannot use funds as remuneration, Gail Kruvand Moye suggested reimbursing musicians’ travel and parking expenses for the series of three workshops. After some discussion regarding the practice of other funding requests, (i.e. Gospel Committee), Roger Blanc proposed that we explain to Carter that while we cannot pay musicians fees we can reimburse ancillary expenses (travel and parking) The CAC agreed unanimously to reimburse expenses of up to $600 for up to four musicians for the three part workshop. It was further agreed to fund the request for brochures/mailing expenses up to $800 upon presentation of receipts. 

The Gospel Committee submitted a funding proposal for a Black History Month Celebration. This event is planned as an outreach to the church community. The detailed written proposal was approved unanimously by the CAC. The budget included $300 for mailings & advertising, $700 for food and beverages and $300 travel/parking allowance for musicians carting instruments.

Tino Gagliardi presented a request from the RMA-NY for reimbursement of expenses for Board Member Scott Healy to attend the AFM Motion Picture negotiations in Los Angeles, CA. The request was for per diem ($70) for 5 days and ground transportation to and from airports up to $250. The total requested would be up to $600. The dollar amounts are estimations and it is understood that reimbursement will be upon presentation of receipts. Joyce Flissler recalled that the CAC has funded RMA-NY participation in past negotiations. Rich Jenkins commented that this request is within the funding guidelines of CAC.

The reimbursement request was approved unanimously.

The next CAC meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, March 10 at 1:30 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 3:34 pm.

Minutes prepared and submitted by Gail Kruvand Moye.