Can You Spare $2 for the Arts?

Volume CIX, No. 3March, 2009

The American Federation of Musicians is launching a very important initiative this month: the $2 political fundraising drive. The $2 drive is designed to strengthen AFM politically, allowing AFM to better fight for the protection and promotion of music and musicians on Capitol Hill.

Specifically, the goal of the $2 fundraising drive is to raise $2, or more, from every U.S. AFM member. $2 may sound like a meager amount to donate but if every member of AFM participates, then AFM will have tripled the largest amount ever raised for its political action committee, the Legislative Action Fund (formerly TEMPO). And, of course, if members choose to donate more than $2, then the drive will be even more successful.

Raising funds for the AFM Legislative Action Fund is necessary to ensure that AFM can continue to successfully advocate on behalf of musicians. One of the easiest ways to ensure that AFM’s legislative priorities get attention in Congress is to see that our Congressional allies remain in office. In order to do that we must donate to their re-election campaigns. AFM has a number of important issues in front of the House of Representatives and the Senate, and having many allies in both chambers only serves to benefit AFM.

Some of AFM’s legislative priorities include the Performance Rights Act — which will create a full performance right on all sound recordings broadcast over terrestrial AM/FM radio — health care reform, safe travel for musical instruments, pension reform, copyright enforcement and many others.

Please consider making a contribution to the AFM Legislative Action Fund. Remember, AFM membership dues can not be used for political purposes. Only through your voluntary contributions can AFM be a force politically.

In order to donate, go to Look at the right-hand sidebar, and click “Donate Now” under “AFM Legistlaive Action Fund.”

One detail: in order to donate, you’ll be asked for to log in. If this is your first time on the AFM site, you’ll need to register. To register, click “Join Now” under the “Membership” link on the right-hand sidebar. Then look for the words “Click here to register for Web access now.”