Candidates’ Statements

Volume CVI, No. 11November, 2006

Following are the statements of all candidates who submitted their statements to Allegro by the deadline. As in the past, candidates are listed in alphabetical order under the primary office they are running for. The election is Dec. 5; for complete election information, click here.


Mary Landolfi, President
I have been a member of 802 since 1971, playing with the NJSO, ABT, Joffrey and many other groups. After serving on rank-and-file committees, I became the financial vice president in 1994. In that position I gained great experience in working with committees and conducting negotiations for ballet, symphony and jazz. I believe we must strengthen our relationships with other entertainment unions and reach out to organize nonunion musicians. We must reorganize Local 802 internally and lead by means of the consensus developed by a diverse board. I believe the Concerned Musicians slate is best equipped to accomplish these goals.

David Lennon, President
As president of Local 802, I have pioneered and led the fight against the virtual orchestra machine, aggressively promoted live music in NYC and have skillfully led all of 802’s major negotiations — most recently a groundbreaking media deal at the Met. I was elected to the International Executive Board, restoring 802’s national presence after a 10-year absence. I have a proven record of standing up under pressure. I’ve kept my pledge to honor the rank-and-file committee system and to end back room deals. A vote for the MEMBERS Party is a vote for leadership, vision and rank-and-file committee empowerment.

Jay Blumenthal, Financial Vice President
As an independent candidate, I’ve taken positions and expressed my views without regard to influence or politics. During these times, I’ve done my best to provide stability for our union by focusing on performing my duties. This has resulted in a comprehensive Local 802 financial policy and over 45 recently negotiated contracts — all with significant increases in every area — and all (except for one) inclusive of a ban on the virtual orchestra machine. I have prevailed in all grievances and have won every arbitration decision. All this was achieved without a labor action. I run on my record.

Bill Dennison, Recording Vice President
The most important issue facing our union is healing divisions. Local 802’s strength depends upon our unity. All of us must work towards that end. My 15 years on staff and as an officer has involved me in many of our union’s most difficult negotiations including every Broadway negotiation since 1993. I helped found the Coalition of Broadway Unions and Guilds and believe unity among the entertainment unions is essential. I urge you to vote for the Concerned Musicians slate, candidates who will bring our union together.

Tino Gagliardi, Recording Vice President
As a trumpet player I work in the concert field, club date field and on Broadway. I am an elected member of the Executive Board and serve as co-chair of the Theatre Committee. I’ve been involved in negotiations for the Roundabout and Manhattan Theatre Club agreements where substantial gains were made in wages and pension. My participation in Cornell’s Union Leadership Institute enables me to better serve this membership. My experience as a player, an Executive Board member, and co-chair of the Theatre Committee, keeps me in touch with the real concerns of the musicians I’ve been elected to represent.


Bud Burridge
I have worked as a professional musician for over 30 years (24 of them in NYC). My political involvement began almost 10 years ago in rank-and-file committees. I am now running for Executive Board and AFM delegate. I am currently alarmed by the threat to our future, first, by corporations uninterested in the quality of their product and second, by a union, where internal political factions threaten our very existence. With the help of my colleagues, I will seek to unite the majority of our members in finding creative solutions to save live music.

Lynne Cohen
I’m a creative problem solver and care deeply about the issues that face our union. I have 25 years’ experience as a performer in regional orchestra, opera and ballet and in New York as a freelancer and Broadway pit musician. I’ve served on orchestra committees in Florida, Lambertville and on several committees at Local 802. I envision a board receptive to the concerns of the membership with good relationships with other unions and managements. I feel we can build stronger education initiatives, be a more visible entity in New York City and revitalize our members’ involvement in the union.

Michael Comins
A founder of the International RMA, CAC, Single Engagement Concert Committee, and former Theatre Committee member, I have over 20 years of experience on union committees and at the bargaining table.

I’ve played symphony, opera, chamber orchestra, Broadway, classical and pop recordings, live television, films, jingles, hotels and nightclubs, and done foreign touring.

A 46-year 802 member and MEMBERS Party founder and candidate, I’ll work to promote:

  • Rank-and-file committee contract participation
  • NY film scoring
  • Integration of 802’s departments on a more business-like model
  • Co-operation among NY’s entertainment unions
  • A more active role in AFM politics.

Ethan Fein
Ethan Fein, guitarist, has played on Broadway and in club dates, concerts, recordings and television. He was a long-time member of the Broadway Theatre Committee and is a former chairman of that committee. As a member of a number of negotiating committees, he participated in the resolution of numerous grievances. Ethan has been a union activist since 1982 and was a stalwart supporter of the people whom he now opposes. He has never run for office, but now feels compelled to run for Executive Board with the Concerned Musicians, having lost all faith and trust in the current administration.

Maura Giannini
Maura Giannini has been an Executive Board member since 1993; past co-chair of the Broadway Theatre committee; veteran of the last three Broadway negotiating committees and numerous other negotiations, grievances and special situation panels; 802 delegate to three AFM conventions and a violinist currently working on Broadway. “I’d like to continue to serve on the Executive Board with a strong and independent board, working to rebuild and unify our union to more effectively serve the members’ needs, prepare for and conduct productive negotiations and repair relationships within the labor community. I believe that the CM’s candidates can accomplish these goals.”

Anthony Gorruso
I’m a trumpet player, composer, and arranger. I’ve been an active member of Local 802 for 22 years, serving on the Theatre Committee for 10 years. I’ve worked in all musical fields including Broadway, club date, recording, symphonic and jazz. I would diligently strive to represent the diverse perspectives of our membership without political bias.

Our union needs to refocus its organizing and negotiating efforts on behalf of our membership, not wasting its resources on counterproductive political infighting. I hope to rekindle the spirit of cooperation on our board, as a house divided cannot expect to survive!

Alva Hunt
Long-time Broadway musician Al Hunt has participated in the theatre committee since the early 1980’s, serving on the negotiating committee in 1993 and 1997. “My reasons for running: Our health fund is in real trouble. There are concerns about the ripple effect on pension contributions. There is a lack of judgment on the part of the current president. The Concerned Musicians Party offers our best hope for future unity. Mary Landolfi, potentially a great president for difficult times, is articulate and smart; Bill Dennison offers experience and continuity. I want to unify the union again, and keep the membership informed.”

Mark Johansen
As a member of Local 802 for 23 years, I am a bass trombonist with many ballet, opera, symphonic and Broadway orchestras in NYC. I feel that it is important to take an active role in the union. I have served on the orchestra committee for Radio City Music Hall and American Ballet Theatre, participating in contract negotiations for both groups. I believe I am thoughtful, yet pragmatic, and that I am able to see the big picture. I believe I would make an effective Executive Board member and will work to bring unity back to our union.

Gail Kruvand Moye
I am a MEMBERS Party candidate for Executive Board. I joined the New York City Opera Orchestra in 1991 and have also remained active in the freelance concert and recording fields. As a member of the NYCO Orchestra Committee I participated in the past three contract negotiations. Currently I am chair of the Coordinating Advisory Committee (CAC) at Local 802. Being a strong believer in the mandate of rank-and-file committees, I can bring both experience and a new voice to the Executive Board.

Tom Olcott
In 32 years as a Local 802 member, I have served on/chaired numerous rank-and-file committees, and have been a union officer (Trial Board 1988-95). I’m a working trombonist (ABT, Radio City, etc.), and am a practicing attorney, specializing in musicians’ collective bargaining. I have never seen our local so disabled by internal strife, nor seen such blatant attacks from our employers. Each condition poisons our local, and our lives, to our collective detriment. If elected to the Executive Board, I will strive to unite Local 802 in the necessary, honorable, and concerted defense of our art, our industry, our livelihood.

Ken Rizzo
I am a bassist, Manhattan resident, and 25-year union member working in club dates and on Broadway shows. I have B.S. and M.A. degrees in music, and a B.A. in political science. Over the years I have worked on a number of union issues and have taken courses in organizing and the social impact of union movements. As an Executive Board member I will be concentrating on stabilizing our leadership so that we can focus our collective energies on live music public relations campaigns and on staying ahead of the technological challenges to our jobs and livelihood.

Maxine Roach
Maxine Roach has been a freelance musician for 30 years, playing in various Broadway shows including “Dreamgirls,” “Sound of Music,” “La Boheme” and “Fiddler on the Roof.” A highly respected violist, she was raised in Brooklyn, studied at Oberlin College and has extensive experience in chamber music, jazz and both sound and film recording. “I am running for the Executive Board because I want to become involved in rebuilding power and harmony at our union. I believe in healing and rebuilding the solidarity at Local 802. I believe the Concerned Musicians ticket can accomplish these essential goals.”

Jay Schaffner
I am running for re-election on my record of honest, efficient and responsible service to the musicians of Local 802. Together we can address the challenges of new technologies and changing cultural tastes, as we administer current agreements and increase our presence in a changing industry. For 16 years I have led a re-vitalized recording department, negotiating and administering the AFM’s recording agreements. I authored the AFM’s anti-war resolution; I believe in responsible and progressive leadership. Vote the full Concerned Musicians slate.

David Schneck
I have worked in symphonic, theatre, club date, Latin and recording for 33 years and have a broad understanding of the music business. I led the successful organizing campaign at Westchester Symphony Orchestra as committee chair. Active in union leadership in NJ, I initiated the first Local 802 MEMO training conducted outside of NYC and completed the AFL-CIO Union Leadership Academy/NJDOL internship through Rutgers University. I hope to recognize the voice of our membership, restore Local 802 to a fully-functioning labor organization, to unify our ranks, and to protect our livelihoods from all threats. Please vote the Concerned Musicians slate.

Andy Schwartz
Andy joined 802 in 1972, has served two terms on the Trial Board, is a Theatre Committee-person, and was recently appointed (unanimously) to the Executive Board. Credits include Broadway (recently “The Light in the Piazza”), recordings and concert tours. He earned his M.A. from NYU’s Music Business program in 2003, and brings extensive record industry experience to the board, having worked in both Business Affairs and Copyright during five years at Sony. “802 requires a progressive board with members possessing business skills — plus musicians’ awareness — to confront today’s corporate employers and contend with dramatic changes in our workplace.”

Bobby Shankin
As a drummer who has worked in the club date, night club, hotel, Broadway, television and recording fields, I have been an outspoken advocate for musicians and a union activist for 30 years. Today’s music business challenges are awesome. Multinational entertainment corporations and technology threaten our profession’s very existence, while anti-labor sentiment permeates our government and culture.

In these difficult and complex times I am committed to protecting the careers and improving the lives of all musicians in all fields of music. I ask for your support so that I may continue to serve you as an Executive Board member.

Art Weiss
My experience (13 years on the Executive Board and 18 years as member and chair of the Club Date Committee) has given me a long-term view of the direction of our union and has helped make me a valuable asset for our union members. We have successfully weathered many challenges, including the recent internal ones. I intend to face the future in the same way: thoughtfully, open to ideas from others, using the best yardstick possible: “Is this good for our entire union — will it make us stronger?” I will continue to act with our union’s interests first.

Roy Williams
Trumpet player Roy Williams has been a member of Local 802 since 1989. Best known for his music copying activities, he has assisted in numerous Broadway shows, including “42nd Street,” “Tarzan” and “The Drowsy Chaperone”; he also has been orchestra librarian for the Tony Awards for 15 years. His live performance work includes freelance work in Latin and club date bands, as well as appearances with Ann-Margaret and Ray Charles. “I am very concerned about the state of our union. The leadership of Concerned Musicians has the negotiating experience that will bring back competence to the business of Local 802.”


Jack Bashkow
As a Concerned Musicians candidate for Trial Board and a member of 802 since 1972, I hope to be part of the process of moving our union into the future successfully. I work as a reed-doubler in the club date, Broadway, jingle, recording, Orthodox, and teaching fields. By building on our successes and learning from our mistakes, New York, the music capital of the world, can have the vital, world-class union that it and we deserve! The members of the Concerned Musicians ticket have the experience and knowledge that we need to go forward with a strong and united voice.

Roger Blanc
Roger Blanc, guitarist, is president pro-tem of NY-RMA, second vice president of International RMA and a rank-and-file representative to AFM jingle negotiations. “I decided to run for Trial Board because a small group of individuals, who are attempting to secure total political control of Local 802, are risking the interests of New York recording musicians. Their actions have led to a harmful schism within the ranks of the union. My goals are to see that the interests of all musicians are considered at Local 802 and to heal the present divisions. I believe the Concerned Musicians will accomplish these goals.”

John Buckingham
John Buckingham, a tubist, has been a member of 802 since 1959. He has worked extensively in freelance, Off Broadway, Broadway and at RCMH. With his long experience, he has seen great changes in the music business and believes that new leadership is needed to cement our relationships with other unions. In regard to the candidacy of Mary Landolfi he states, “I have known Mary for many years and I am sure that she will be able to bring the union back together after the difficulties of the last year and will work constructively with all segments of the membership.”

Dean Crandall
A member since 1970, I have worked in such fields as symphony, ballet, opera, theatre, recording, etc. I have served as committee chair for the RCHM and Long Island Philharmonic orchestras, and was a member of the CAC. As a member of the Trial Board, I would endeavor to bring the essential impartiality most necessary to determine a fair outcome for musicians going through the grievance process. I feel strongly that, when rendering a decision, the Trial Board must do so in a spirit that both expresses the common interests of the musicians, and that of their union as well.

Sara Cutler
I am a MEMBERS Party candidate for Trial Board. As a working harpist and committee member at the New York City Ballet, I am firmly committed to the idea of musicians determining their own futures via rank-and-file committees. Our industry is made up of many fields, each with its own needs. Only through the contribution of the individual committees will our contracts improve and change with the times. It is also essential that we keep up the fight for live music in NYC. That fight is the only way to protect our jobs and futures.

Eric Goletz
Eric Goletz has extensive experience on Broadway and in the New York club date scene. He has appeared with many prominent jazz and pop artists, including Buddy Rich, Dizzy Gillespie, Jon Faddis, Tony Bennett, Franki Valli and Bernadette Peters. “I am proud to run for Trial Board on the Concerned Musicians slate. I share the goals of re-unifying the membership of Local 802 and re-establishing trust among our members and between Local 802 and other unions. I know the leadership in a Concerned Musicians administration will bring experience, ethics and knowledge to the aid of committees in contract negotiations.”

Al Hood
I have chaired the Trial Board and been its member since 1988. I am on the Club Date Committee and the Coordinating Advisory Committee. I have a bachelor’s degree from Butler University and a master’s degree from the Manhattan School of Music. As a bassist, I was sideman for Johnny Mathis, Paul Anka, Kai Winding, Al Cohn and Zoot Sims. I play and have played with the top society bands such as Peter Duchin, Lester Lanin and Mike Carney. I am with the MEMBERS Party. Vote for me on Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2006.

Art Koenig
Art Koenig would bring almost fifty years of musical experience to the Trial Board. A Local 802 member since 1966, he was active in recording work from 1966-1985. He played with Woody Herman, Maynard Ferguson, Miriam Makeba, Harry Belafonte, Astrud Gilberto and Vikki Carr. He has worked as a music copyist in the jingle field, for Children’s Television Workshop and on Broadway. Art’s union activities include copyist representative to AFM jingle negotiations, board member of American Society of Music Copyists, member of the CAC, alternate copyist representative to the Theatre Committee and current member of the Local 802 Copyist Committee.

Lori Miller
As a violinist I’ve performed in many areas of music: Broadway, concert, ballet, opera, chamber music and studio work. I was the theatre rep for “Les Miserables” and a member of the negotiating team for the last Broadway contract. I was part of the Health and Safety subcommittee for that negotiation which dealt with the one contract area in which we made gains. I will bring to the Trial Board a knowledgeable, unbiased viewpoint and an open mind. I am running independently for this position in a spirit of fairness and solidarity with all members of Local 802.

Eugene Moye
As a MEMBERS Party candidate, I have served on freelance committees since the inception of the committee system that has been so valuable to this union. We will have very difficult challenges in the future, and we must have David Lennon with his vision leading us there. I have personal experience of his devotion and ability to negotiate contracts that are beneficial to us and to move difficult managements into positions that are good for musicians and managements alike. I don’t think it’s inappropriately dramatic to remember that we are a union and must stand together or die. Thanks.

Steve Norrell
Bass trombonist Steve Norrell, candidate for Trial Board, joined the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra in 1981. “Our orchestra has an excellent contract, but I am aware that there are many other areas of our local which have suffered. Our union needs strong and ethical leadership in order to achieve success in every field. At the Met, I have come to recognize the necessity for good working relationships with fellow unions. We must change our leadership and improve these relationships to succeed. I believe that the Concerned Musicians ticket will be effective in achieving this change and I look forward to participating.”

Sue Panny
An active freelancer and Local 802 member for 20 years, Sue Panny has been a member of the NY Pops Orchestra Committee for 12 seasons, the Little Orchestra Society Committee for eight seasons, participated in the Classical Musicians Forum and attended seminars at the Cornell Labor Institute. Sue enthusiastically supports the Concerned Musicians and believes that their values of open dialogue and respect for differing viewpoints, honesty, integrity, responsibility and accountability to the Local 802 membership will best position our union for the challenges we face in the years ahead. Please support the Concerned Musicians!

Lanny Paykin
I am running on the MEMBERS Party ticket because I believe in the rank-and-file process. I have been a Broadway delegate, on the Orchestra Committee of the Brooklyn Philharmonic, and am currently on the ACO Orchestra Committee and on the Executive Board of the RMA-NY. I have performed with many Lincoln Center Orchestras, recordings and Broadway, and am currently a member of ACO, Brooklyn Philharmonic and the Westchester Philharmonic.

Erwin Price
Erwin Price is a candidate for Trial Board and delegate to the AFM Convention, positions which he has held since 2003. He was recording vice president from 1995-2003 and a member of the Executive Board from 1983-1995. Erwin was an active professional trombonist in the orchestral field, at the networks, in the Broadway theatre and recording studios. He was active in many negotiating committees for both 802 and AFM contracts, including the Broadway Theatre Committee which won the 50 percent substitution rule from the League. “The Concerned Musicians slate will bring experience and moral and fiscal integrity to Local 802.”

Larry Rawdon
An important complement to my playing career as a cellist has been my dedication to representing my Local 802 colleagues as a union activist. I am proud to have been elected Theatre Committee Chair for the past 13 years. I served on Broadway negotiating committees (‘93, ’98), three negotiations with Disney and two with Livent. I spoke before the City Council and met with legislators in Albany with the Unions for the Performing Arts. I served on the CAC and the President’s Legal Task Force that created the Legal Services Fund. If elected, I pledge to impartially serve the membership.

Carline Ray
Carline Ray is a singer, bassist (acoustic & electric) & teacher. Graduate of Juilliard & Manhattan School of Music. Joined 802 in 1945. Experience encompasses Broadway, club dates, Metropolitan Opera, Avery Fisher Hall, NYS Theatre, Alice Tully Hall, Carnegie Hall, Off Broadway, Off-Off Broadway, City Center. Also radio, television, touring U.S. in big bands & performing in many jazz festivals in the U.S. & abroad. Have served on Equal Opportunities Committee, Jazz Advisory Committee & Trial Board since 1989 (except for one three-year term). Looking forward to continue serving on the Trial Board to assist musicians any way I can.

Marilyn Reynolds
I believe the original vision of the MEMBERS Party is alive and well at Local 802. As painful as things seem, democracy thrives here, if we zealously guard against quests for personal gain over higher purposes. Duly elected rank-and-file committees are the very soul of any union, and the centerpiece of our MEMBERS vision. Negotiations must not be tainted by behind-the scenes communications by officers, nor our smooth functioning be spoiled by jealousy or disgruntlement. I believe our entire slate of candidates, despite the highly exaggerated claims of some, represents the best people to continue the fight for live music.

Michael Roberts
During my 25-plus year career as a pianist/vocalist in the hotel field, I’ve remained dedicated to the ideals of Local 802 and the benefit such professional affiliation brings to my musical colleagues in all fields. I’ve served on the CAC Committee and the Hotel Negotiating Committee for 12 years, the latter for eight years as chairman. I’ve been a member of the Trial Board for 12 years and seek re-election to continue serving the membership with impartiality and to the highest standards of fairness for all. I will not disappoint your trust.

Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez has been involved in the labor movement since 1959 as a member of several unions, including Local 802. He has served as a rank-and-file representative and shop steward and also as a professional representative on behalf of musicians. “I am proud that I’ve worked for the members of Local 802 for 20 years. I welcome the opportunity to continue my service on the Trial Board; my experience in contract enforcement makes me uniquely capable by virtue of my understanding of labor law. I believe that the Concerned Musicians ticket can return needed competence and integrity to our union.”


The following candidates are running only for delegate positions.

Jimmy Owens, Alternate Delegate to the AFM Convention
Jimmy Owens, running for alternate delegate for the AFM Convention, is a prominent jazz trumpet player who is equally known for advocating for jazz musicians and Local 802. He has appeared, toured and recorded with Lionel Hampton, Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus and Billy Taylor, to name a few. “I believe Local 802 and the AFM must respond to the conditions present in the entertainment industry today. As a jazz musician, I realize that we have only begun to reach out to fields underrepresented by the union. The Concerned Musician ticket is a progressive voice for the future of our union.”

Abe Rosen, Delegate to the United Hebrew Trades
The United Hebrew Trades organizes campaigns to advance political, economic and social causes that affect labor. It was founded in 1888 to organize Jewish immigrant workers and has expanded to include any union that desires affiliation.

The MEMBERS Party, to which I’ve belonged since 1982, addresses political, economic, and social issues that affect musicians and our union. I am proud to have participated.

I was staff harpist at CBS; worked under Bernstein, Boulez, and Mehta at the NY Philharmonic; did many Broadway shows and recordings; served on the Theatre Committee many times and participated in diverse contract negotiations.