Carreras Musicians Close to Getting Paid

Volume CVII, No. 3March, 2007

Money owed to musicians from four years ago is finally on its way. In 2003, Jose Carreras performed at Avery Fisher Hall to a packed house. The musicians who performed for that concert — which was covered by a Local 802 contract — have never been paid. The union sued the contractor (Archer Lyon Entertainment) and the contractual signatory, Jordan Belkin. On Feb. 19, 2005, Local 802 won a judgment for $55,847.20, which represents full wages and penalties owed to the musicians. On May 22, 2006, Jordan Belkin agreed to pay the full amount by January 2007. The bulk of the settlement will be coming from a mortgage Belkin has secured on his new home. Belkin has paid Local 802 some of the money owed, but we have learned that Belkin’s mortgage won’t come through until May, which will delay Belkin’s final payment to the union. We will keep musicians up to date. For more information, call 802 counsel Harvey Mars at (212) 765-4300 or e-mail him at