Chamber Music at the Washington Square Park Music Festival

Photo Feature: Sounds of Summer

Volume 116, No. 9September, 2016

The WASHINGTON SQUARE MUSIC FESTIVAL has enjoyed support from the Music Performance Trust Fund since 1953. Musicians are covered under a union contract. The Festival Chamber Orchestra performed earlier this summer and was conducted by LUTZ RATH. Soloists LARISA ELISHA (violin) and STEVEN ELISHA (cello) performed Brahms’ challenging Double Concerto in A minor, op. 102, for violin, cello and orchestra.DSC_0359

FIRST VIOLIN: Eriko Sato (concertmaster), Mayuki Fukuhara, Sarah Franklin; SECOND VIOLIN: David Busso, Eric Ramme, Rachel Golub; VIOLA: Lois Martin, Arman Armand; CELLO: Michael Finckel, Wayne Smith; BASS: Ron Wasserman, Jeffrey Levine; FLUTE: Sheryl Henze, Theresa Norris; OBOE: Gerard Reuter, Kaitlyn Walker; CLARINET: Mitchel Kriegler, Meryl Abt; BASSOON: Atsuko Sato; FRENCH HORN: Zohar Schondorf, Melissa Danas; TRUMPET: Brad Siroky, Paul Murphy; TROMBONE: Michael Powell; TIMPANI/PERCUSSION: Charles Kiger, Benny Koonyevsky.