Club date scale rises almost 14 percent

Volume 123, No. 4April, 2023

After reaching out to members to establish a series of demands for our next contract, Local 802 recently held negotiations with multiple club date agencies, making up for the years of great difficulty we’ve all experienced. We’re very pleased to tell you that the union has secured substantial gains in a new collective bargaining agreement.

Our club date musicians are among the hardest working freelancers in the business. Though we were not able to address all issues at the table, we surely secured the vast majority. The wage increases are by far the highest we’ve won in the club date field going back over the last 15 years. We also obtained sizeable increases in mileage and transportation, and a regional air travel provision far better than we’ve had before. Also, all out of town gigs over 150 miles will now be paid at the four-hour Saturday night scale.

The Local 802 Executive Board has given its approval, and we will now hold a ratification vote.

PLEASE JOIN US IN PERSON AT LOCAL 802 ON TUESDAY, APRIL 4, from 3pm to 5pm at Local 802, for an important meeting and the opening of the ratification. Voting will remain open through April 5 at 3pm. We urge every affected member to become a part of this important discussion and election.

To vote in the contract ratification, you must be a member of Local 802 in good standing who has played five club dates under a Local 802 union contract in the past two years.

Please e-mail Principal Business Rep Pete Voccola with any questions. See below for what to do next.


  • RSVP to the ratification meeting on Tuesday, April 4 in person at Local 802 from 3pm to 5pm (click here)
  • Hard copies of the new tentative club date scale will be available at the meeting.
  • To view the new tentative club date scale now, log into, then click on SCALE SHEETS. Scroll down to MISCELLANEOUS and look for “Tentative Club Date Scales 2023-2025”
  • Please e-mail Principal Business Rep Pete Voccola with any questions.