Computer/Electronics Discounts for Local 802 Members

Volume CX, No. 3March, 2010

PC Mall is a national internet-based vendor for computers and other electronic equipment. After some discussion with our account executive, we have received a proposal to extend the same Local 802 corporate discounts to our employees and members. They have created a website for us with the pricing set at their cost plus 2%.

Use this link to PC Mall’s customized site for Local 802 so you can take advantage of the offers. The site will require a user ID and password for security and privacy. To request an ID and password, send an e-mail to You MUST fill in your card number in the subject line. PC Mall will send you a password as well as other instructions. We recommend that you change your password the first time you sign on successfully.

Please note that this is a third party offer and Local 802 takes no responsibility with regards to any activity between the user and the vendor.