Contract Signed at Hilton Theatre

Volume CVII, No. 9September, 2007

The Local 802 Executive Board has approved an agreement with the New York Theatre Company for performances at the Hilton Theatre.

Musicians who have worked on Broadway during the term of the last agreement (2004 to 2007) will remember that there were numerous problems created with productions at that theatre because the contract only applied the minimums to League producers.

The new agreement creates a house agreement at the Hilton so that loophole in the language of the League agreement will no longer be able to be exploited.

The economic terms of the agreement parallel those of the recently ratified Broadway agreement, with the same increases in health benefits and the 3.5 percent increase in wages in the second year of the agreement.

It also includes provisions for a production of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” similar to those of the 2006 run of that production, but with additional health benefit contributions so that the reduced orchestra on that show is fully equal to the minimum requirements of the theatre on a full-time equivalent basis.

A side letter also preserved the more favorable aspects of the “Grinch” agreement of 2006, including the commitment to hire the musicians of the 2006 production in the future.

The only deviation from the Broadway agreement was to exempt pre-existing concerts, comedy or variety attractions that perform at the Hilton for a limited run of not more than one week as part of an ongoing tour (but not including Pamphlet B productions).

Even under those circumstances, additional or substitute musicians needed will be hired under the terms of the agreement.

The term of the agreement is March 5, 2007 through March 7, 2010.