Coordinating Advisory Committee Minutes

April 24, 2004

Volume CIV, No. 7/8July, 2004

Meeting called to order 1:15 PM. Present: Chairman Hood, Secretary Greene, Spencer, Bogin, Mullen, Axelrod, McIntyre, Lindquist, Harris.

Swearing in of committee by President David Lennon.

Vote is unanimous for Al Hood to remain as chairman and Katherine Greene to remain as secretary.

Next CAC meeting is set for May 18th at 2 p.m.

Minutes of February meeting read and approved.

Proposal presented by Mike Christianson regarding funding for logo and Web site and printing of CD’s for the Julia Fund, a project undertaken by the newly-formed Gotham Wind Symphony.

As Mr. Christianson spoke it became clear that the Wind Symphony had no clear future plans for concerts, all money raised from the gratis work of the musicians would go to the Julia Fund and the CAC is not able to pay the salary of Cathy Canfields’ Design Studio.

Motion by Harris: to turn down the request as it stands because it does not fit into the CAC guidelines for funding but suggests that Mike rework and resubmit his proposal to include the creation and promotion of employment for Local 802 musicians through the Gotham Wind Symphony.

Motion approved unanimously.

Bogin volunteers to speak to Mr. Christianson personally to explain the reason for the committee’s action.

Presentation by Jay Schaffner, supervisor of the Recording Department and Executive Board member.

This proposal comes from the officers and would consist of scanning and filing data from up to 200,000 phonograph contracts dating back to the 1970’s that are quickly deteriorating. Some of these sound recordings are being heard in new mediums and musicians are entitled to “new use” payments. A new scanner would have to be purchased for this purpose among other expenses.

Mr. Schaffner asked the CAC to fund one third of the project, amounting to $27,891.49

Discussion about where to get funds for this project and within whose purvey it lies. Concerns were voiced that this amount would leave the CAC with very little in the fund.

Harris: motion to approve $5,000 toward capital expenses — purchase of equipment

Motion approved unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 2:55 p.m.