Coordinating Advisory Committee

Seeking New Proposals for Funding

Volume XCIX, No. 8September, 1999

As the summer draws to a close, the Coordinating Advisory Committee is encouraging 802 members to submit proposals that can help to create new work opportunities. Their vehicle is the Special Projects and Services Fund, which is funded by three-quarters of one percent of the annual dues realized by Local 802, and currently contains about $27,000.

The Fund is administered jointly by the Coordinating Advisory Committee – composed of representatives of all recognized rank-and-file committees – and the 802 Executive Board.

Over the years, the CAC has supported a range of projects aimed at creating new work opportunities. The Special Projects and Services Fund financed the New York Hotel & Restaurant Music Guide, which is a tourist guide to hotels and restaurants which employ Local 802 musicians under contract. It provided seed money to help the Queens Festival Band obtain non-profit status, which enabled them to expand their concert schedule. Other projects include the Holiday Gospel Spotlight, a Jazz Committee publication, and support for the Jewish Club Date committee.

The CAC follows stringent guidelines in deciding which projects to support. It rejects requests which are clearly just for the benefit of a few individuals. Musicians’ wages, or the financing of demos, recordings, tours or sound studios, are not eligible for funding.

To make a request to the CAC, contact Recording Vice-President Erwin Price at (212) 245-4802, ext. 110, or speak to your CAC representative about how to present your request. CAC meetings take place one Tuesday each month, beginning at 1 p.m. in the Trial Board Room at Local 802.