Crossword Puzzle Answers

Volume CIII, No. 2February, 2003

Here are the answers to the Allegro jazz crossword puzzle, created in honor of African American History Month. The puzzle was published in the February 2003 issue, page 16.

Congratulations to Richard H. Miller, a pianist and an 802 member since 1970, who won a black 802 jacket by successfully completing the crossword and mailing it in by the Feb. 28 deadline!

For questions about the puzzle, contact Allegro editor Mikael Elsila at (212) 245-4802, ext. 179 or


4. Slow tune. BALLAD.
7. Author of “Blues People.” JONES.
10. Brazilian style. BOSSANOVA.
13. Listening medium. LP.
14. West Coast guitarist. PASS.
16. The bottom end in some bands. TUBA.
17. Chestnuts. STANDARDS.
19. Pleasing, sweet, harmonious. CONSONANT.
20. “The Entertainer” type (abbrev.). RAG.
22. Dectet’s number. TEN.
23. Drummer’s tool. HIHAT.
24. Silencer. MUTE.
25. “__ __ Remember” (tune). TRY TO.
27. Blues guitarist Redbone. LEON.
28. Adolphe’s 1840 invention. SAXOPHONE.
29. Change. TRANSPOSE.
33. Gil Evans or Gerry Mulligan, for instance. ARRANGER.
34. Coltrane tune, same changes as “So What.” IMPRESSIONS.
38. Saxophone part. PAD.
41. TWU strike would have derailed this tune. TAKE THE A TRAIN.
42. Instrument. AXE.
43. Original title to “What’s New.” I’M FREE.
45. ___-Cuban Jazz. AFRO.
49. Harmonic foundation. BLUES.
50. Son of a famous sax player (first name). RAVI.
51. Cool. HIP.
53. Percussion or strings? Both. PIANO.
54. Tune’s center. KEY.
55. His favorite phrase was, “Beyond category!” ELLINGTON.
57. Ornette’s homespun theory. HARMOLODICS.
60. Drummer’s exclamation point (in the low range). BOMB.
62. Fretless innovator (first name). JACO.
63. The business side of jazz includes this. PR.
64. You might tell your kid, “My instrument is not a ____!” TOY.
65. Nine musicians. NONET.
66. Bird’s axe. ALTO.
69. Road map. ARRANGEMENT.
72. Practice. WOODSHED.
73. Early piano style. STRIDE.
74. Tenor master. GORDON.
75. Admirer. FAN.


1. Famous jazz style. BOP.
2. Sixth scale degree. LA.
3. “Sun Bear” performer. JARRETT.
4. Guitarist George. BENSON.
5. Need a day job during ____ times. LEAN.
6. Harsh. DISSONANT.
7. Wrote “De Organizer” with Langston Hughes. JOHNSON.
8. Group of tunes. SET.
9. Goodman’s axe. CLARINET.
10. Club and label. BLUENOTE.
11. “___ this one out.” SIT.
12. Stale. OLD.
15. Tenor player Joe. HENDERSON.
17. Lush lifer. STRAYHORN.
18. Birks was his middle name. GILLESPIE.
21. Sonic phantom. GHOSTNOTE.
26. “___ What.” SO.
30.What Coltrane, Branford and Kenny G have in common. SOPRANO.
31. Pulse. BEAT.
32. Alto player Julian. ADDERLEY.
35. Ordered pitches. SCALE.
36. Bird song. ORNITHOLOGY.
37. Rhythmic staple of jazz. SYNCOPATION.
39. Mobley’s axe. TENOR.
40. Color. TIMBRE.
44. Mann’s instrument. FLUTE.
46. Miles played it on “Miles Ahead.” FLUGELHORN.
47. Drummer’s accent. RIMSHOT.
48. Hosts NPR piano show. MCPARTLAND.
52. King Oliver’s style. DIXIELAND.
56. Woodsheded on the Williamsburg Bridge. ROLLINS.
58. Music that reaches. OUT.
59. What jazz is. ART.
61. Improvise (slang). BLOW.
62. Become part of a union. JOIN.
63. Wanted to be the “greatest alto player in the world.” PEPPER.
67. Melody (slang). HEAD or LEAD.
68. Late 1940’s West Coast style. COOL.
70. Internalize. OWN.
71. Jazz originated here (abbrev). USA.