Beyond politics

Volume 122, No. 10November, 2022

Dan Point

One of our most important missions is to make sure that Local 802 has your back, especially when you’re offered a gig that doesn’t pay the wages and benefits you deserve. Over the past few months, Local 802 has fielded many calls about nonunion gigs, and we’ve developed a plan that Recording Vice President Harvey Mars calls the “Phases of Organizing.” The heart of the plan is that musicians themselves have to be willing to step up, trust each other, and trust union staff with information. You can talk to our organizing department directly or you can even report a nonunion gig anonymously using our Hotline. If you’re hired for what Executive Board member Julia DeRosa calls a “1-800-BAD-GIG,” it’s your job to give us a chance to turn that nonunion gig into a union gig that pays better wages and benefits, protections against unauthorized recordings, and union perks like doubling, cartage, principal pay and more. Our union continues to work hard to ramp up engagement with our organizing campaigns and talk to more members. Our goal is to make sure that Local 802 works for you.


The midterm election on Nov. 8 is critical and everyone needs to make sure that they vote! Early voting in New York continues through Sunday, Nov. 6, and you can find your polling station at . With the polls tightening, your participation is more important than ever. There are a slew of very competitive legislative races from Congress to the State Senate and State Assembly due to new district lines.

I’m happy to report that Local 802’s political action fund Tempo 802 sent musicians to campaign events for both Governor Kathy Hochul (on Sept. 29) and Attorney General Tish James (on Oct. 17). Participation by Local 802 members in events like these is a unique opportunity to highlight both the deep talent and diversity of our union. I am excited to work with our members and executive board in the months to come to broaden the presence of our musicians at events supporting candidates who champion crucial issues for musicians.

Our union works with local government officials, elected officials, campaigns and industry stakeholders to help influence policy and advocate for the interests and needs of all musicians. All musicians are affected by the political and legislative decisions made in Washington D.C., Albany, Trenton, and New York City Hall, and we must ensure that we identify every opportunity and use every tool possible to ensure that our interests are protected and strengthened. To donate to our political action fund, please start here: .

Local 802 did not make official endorsements in this election, but for those who want to view a slate of pro-labor candidates, I can point you to the endorsements of NYC Labor Votes: .

I also want to tell you that it has been my pleasure coming up to speed as your new chief of staff. I love meeting fellow musicians, and I especially enjoy hearing your stories of how the union has worked for you — and of course how we could do better. Ultimately, you are the union, and any improvements we make at Local 802 will be because of our hard work together. We all have the same goal: making sure that musicians are treated with dignity and respect, and paid what they deserve. Contact me at or (212) 245-4802, ext. 235

New York State Attorney General Tish James and Local 802 President Tino Gaglardi at a recent fundraiser where Local 802 members performed (via Local 802’s political action fund Tempo 802)