DCINY musicians are united for a fair contract

Volume 120, No. 3March, 2020

DCINY Orchestra Musicians

DCINY musicians have been very busy since the last time we reported in Allegro. As many of you know, Distinguished Concerts International New York has been operating as a producer and presenter of music out of Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center for 11 years. Last year, musicians came together to unionize with the support of Local 802, winning our National Labor Relations Board election with 89 percent of the vote on Aug. 16, 2019. Since then, the orchestra elected a representative negotiating committee, circulated a bargaining survey, and began negotiations in late November 2019. By the time this issue of Allegro goes to print, we will have completed three rounds of bargaining with management. Generally, our negotiations have revealed DCINY management’s lack of knowledge for how professional musicians should be treated and compensated. The committee has spent more time than anticipated explaining the merits of industry standard practices regarding work rules, premium payments, and transparent hiring processes. Management has clearly stated that they have no desire to conform to industry standards when it comes to the treatment of its musicians. During our unionization campaign, we were grateful for the support of the larger 802 community, and we may need to call on 802 musicians for solidarity again as we continue to fight for a fair first contract. Follow us @DCINYOrchestra on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on our negotiations and find out how you can support us.

–DCINY Orchestra Musicians