Deal Reached With Concert Pops of Long Island

Volume CVI, No. 11November, 2006

Jim Hannen

After lengthy negotiations, an agreement with the Concert Pops of Long Island was reached in June. The previous contract expired July 1, 2004, but was extended for one year by mutual agreement. The Pops perform free to the public in county and municipal parks, and performances are funded through the arts budgets of the localities. While wages have been tied to MPF scales, the Pops receive no MPF funding.

The new three-year agreement provides for a six percent increase in the second year and three percent in the last year of the agreement with the caveat that if MPF scales do not increase in the corresponding last two years, there would be no increase for musicians. In recent years the band has begun working in Westchester County and New Jersey. The agreement also provides for a $10 payment for any performance beyond the five boroughs of New York or any performance east of Riverhead, Long Island.

The agreement was negotiated by Principal Business Rep Peter Voccola and the Pops’ rank-and-file committee. The 32-member roster will be updated to reflect personnel changes. There is no change in health and pension contribution levels.