Do You Know Your Delegates?

From the Theatre Committee

Volume CV, No. 5May, 2005

As reported in last month’s Allegro, on March 2 the Broadway Theatre Committee unanimously adopted a new set of bylaws that will govern its operations for the future.

The new bylaws state that each elected delegate’s primary responsibility is to represent the orchestra members and subs in the show from which the delegates were elected.

However, when asked to do so these same elected delegates and all non-elected delegates are expected to act as liaison between all of Broadway’s musicians and the Broadway Theatre Committee.

Below is the current list of delegates of the Broadway Theatre Committee.

This list is intended to make it easier for Broadway musicians to know who they can approach to raise their issues at Broadway Theatre Committee meetings. The bylaws state that the delegates shall protect the anonymity of the musicians they are representing at all times.

Current chair, delegate-at-large

Larry Rawdon


Bill Rohdin

“All Shook Up”

Tino Gagliardi (current co-chair)
Don McGeen
Joe Mowatt

“Avenue ‘Q'”

Patience Higgins
Mary Ann McSweeney

“Beauty and the Beast”

Jeff Lang
Madelyn Rubinstein


Shannon Ford
Gary Sieger


Bruce Bonvissuto
Marshall Coid
Leslie Stifleman

“Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”

Michael Nicholas
Jan Rosenberg
Mark Thrasher

“Fiddler on the Roof”

Cenovia Cummins
Larry DiBello
Tim Schadt

“Good Vibrations”

John Arbo
Matt Hong


Dave Spinozza
Wally Usiatynski

“La Cage Aux Folles”

Vivian Israel
Mary Whitaker
Dale Paul Woodiel

“Light in the Piazza”

Andy Schwartz
Jim Tsao

“Lion King”

Avril Brown
Katie Dennis
Francisca Mendoza

“Little Women”

Lynne Cohen
Karl Kawahara
Mark Lusk

“Mamma Mia”

Paul Adamy
Jeff Campbell
David Nyberg

“Phantom of the Opera”

Sheryl Henze
Jan Mullen


Nancy Billmann (delegate-at-large)
Ashley Horne
Chris Olness


Tony Geralis
Tony Gorruso
Mark Patterson


Theo Primis
Chad Yarbrough