A tribute to Donn Trenner

Volume 120, No. 7July, 2020

Stuart Tresser

Pianist, conductor and arranger Donn Trenner died on May 16, 2020 after being a member of Local 802 since 1956. Fellow member Stuart Tresser wrote the following reminiscences:

“I can proudly say that in the 1950’s I watched the Steve Allen show and was inspired by Steve Allen and Donn Trenner to study and go into music.  They were influences on my childhood and this had a positive effect on me growing up as a baby boomer in the 1950’s.  As you know, the Steve Allen show gave many breaks to upcoming talent, including stars like Lou Rawls and Ray Brown (who together with Steve Allen wrote ‘Gravy Waltz.’)  Donn Trenner was a top music arranger and — while not a household name like Steve Allen — deserves to be recognized.” — Stuart Tresser

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