The Entertainment Community Fund’s Financial Wellness Program

Financial Literacy Month

Volume 124, No. 4April, 2024

Entertainment Community Fund

The Entertainment Community Fund (formerly The Actors Fund) is a national human services organization that helps address the specific needs of musicians and other entertainment professionals — with a unique understanding of the challenges involved with a life in the arts and the knowledge of what it takes to thrive in an often-unpredictable industry.

In recognition of Financial Literacy Month, the Entertainment Community Fund shines a spotlight on financial wellness.

The Financial Wellness Program of the fund seeks to engage, educate and empower entertainment professionals curious about exploring the role of money in their lives.

Through a variety of single- and multi-session workshops on topics such as the basics of investing, managing debt, building credit, tax preparation and developing the core skills of budgeting and managing cash flow, musicians can turn to the Financial Wellness Program for practical advice, strategies and accountability when planning for multiple and episodic streams of income, creating a savings plan, gaining clarity around debt management, and much more.

Designed with an understanding of the unique needs of entertainment professionals, the Financial Wellness Program is here to help you build a positive financial mindset, identify your financial goals and provide support as you take steps to build financial stability.

All members of Local 802 are invited to engage in the services of the Financial Wellness Program.

Upcoming workshops include:

  • Intro to Financial Wellness
  • Investing Basics 1: Building a Balanced Portfolio

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