The Entertainment Community Fund’s Career Center

Volume 123, No. 10November, 2023

Entertainment Community Fund

The Entertainment Community Fund (formerly The Actors Fund) is a national human services organization that helps address the specific needs of musicians and other entertainment professionals — with a unique understanding of the challenges involved with a life in the arts and the knowledge of what it takes to thrive in an often-unpredictable industry.

In recognition of Career Development Month, the Entertainment Community Fund shines a spotlight on the services of The Career Center.

The Career Center at the Entertainment Community Fund recognizes the complexity of a career in the arts and offers a holistic approach to supporting performers and entertainment professionals at every stage of their careers.

Whether you are seeking meaningful industry-adjacent work, support in developing freelance and entrepreneurial opportunities or guidance on transitioning to a new career, The Career Center provides a comprehensive suite of workshops, counseling and programs to help you manage your career.

Offerings available to the members of Local 802 include:

Career Counseling

The Career Center’s counselors can support you in gaining the knowledge, attitude and skills to navigate your career decisions today and in the future, including collaborating with you to develop short- and long-term action plans that increase resiliency in the face of career uncertainty.

Job Search Readiness

The job search process can often feel overwhelming and chaotic. Through job search specific workshops, webinars and our Job Leads board, we assist you in preparing for, securing and maintaining gainful employment.

The Creative Entrepreneurship Project

Entrepreneurship is at the core of the entertainment industry. The Creative Entrepreneur Project equips performing artists and entertainment professionals with the resources and skills to successfully navigate the entrepreneurial journey and increase their income and independence through business ownership.

The first step in accessing the services of The Career Center is to participate in The Career Center Orientation. Held weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays, this hour-long orientation serves as an introduction to our services and how we can support you throughout your career.

To learn more about the services of The Career Center, please visit