Executive Board Minutes

January 18, 2011

Volume 111, No. 5May, 2011


Meeting called to order at 11:13 AM. Present: President Gagliardi, Financial Vice President Blumenthal, Recording Vice President O’Connor, Executive Board members Covo, Dougherty, Hyde, Roach, Schwartz, Sharman, Assistant to the President Donovan.

It was moved and seconded to approve the January 11, 2011 minutes as corrected. Motion carried unanimously.

President Gagliardi reported on Sound Recording Labor Agreement negotiations.

Gagliardi reported on outstanding issues regarding “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.” A letter from the AFM to the production company was distributed regarding the upcoming cast album recording sessions.

Gagliardi reported that the jurisdiction of Local 52-626 (Norwalk, CT) has been assigned to Local 802. Discussion held.

Financial Vice President Blumenthal reported on negotiations with the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas (POA). Local 802 Counsel Mars present. Mars and Blumenthal presented a single engagement contract for a May 23 POA concert at Lincoln Center’s Rose Hall. Discussion held. Donovan excused. Mars excused. It was moved and seconded to approve the single engagement contract. Motion carried unanimously.

Recording Vice President O’Connor reported on personnel matters in the Electronic Media Services Department. Discussion held.

Daire Fitzgerald, Orchestra of St. Luke’s (OSL) Committee Chair present. Fitzgerald presented a communication from Orchestra of St. Luke’s management. Discussion held. Fitzgerald excused. Discussion held. Donovan present. It was moved and seconded to grant OSL’s request to suspend Article 8 of the OSL collective bargaining agreement (relating to the Caramoor Festival) for the 2011 Caramoor Festival pending ratification by the bargaining unit. Motion carried unanimously.

Political and Public Relations Director Molloy present. Molloy announced the next Showbiz Expo will take place on March 26. Discussion held. Molloy outlined costs of advertising in 411, a film and television industry resource directory. Discussion held. Molloy presented a request for Local 802’s position on Senate Bill 1087 to provide discounted electrical power to Broadway and Off Broadway theatres. Discussion held. Molloy excused.

It was moved and seconded to spend up to $1,600 for a booth at Showbiz Expo in March and to pursue the opportunity to participate in a workshop directed at industry musicians. Discussion held. Motion carried unanimously.

Gagliardi referred the matter of advertising with 411 to the Public Relations Committee for a recommendation.

Discussion held on Senate Bill 1087. Gagliardi referred the matter of Senate Bill 1087 to the Public Relations Committee for a recommendation.

Concert Representative Fisher present. Fisher distributed copies of an email from the Center for Contemporary Opera (CCO) and read a letter from a CCO orchestra member. Discussion held. Fisher excused. Executive Board Member Kruvand present. Discussion held.

Meeting adjourned 1:29 p.m.