Executive Board Minutes

November 21, 2006

Volume CVII, No. 1January, 2007


Meeting called to order at 11:10 a.m. Present: President Lennon, Recording Vice President Dennison, Financial Vice President Blumenthal, Executive Board members Gagliardi, Gale, Landolfi, Shankin, Weiss and Assistant to the President Rohdin.

Recording Vice President distributed the minutes of November 14, 2006.

Motion made and carried unanimously to approve the minutes as amended.

President Lennon presented an invoice in the amount of $978.63 from Attorney Neil Lipton for legal services regarding the Metropolitan Opera Music Staff negotiations.

Motion made and carried unanimously to approve payment of the invoice from the Members Legal Services Fund.

Lennon requested purchase of one ticket at a cost of $100 to the New York City Arts Coalition 20th Anniversary Fundraiser honoring City Council members Domenic Recchia and David Weprin.

Motion made and carried unanimously to approve the request.

Dennison requested a $250 contribution to the Annual Gala in support of the Metro New York Health Care for All Campaign.

Motion made and carried unanimously to approve the request.

Jazz Advisory Committee Liaison Owens present at 11:30 a.m.

Counsel Mars and Controller Goldman present for a discussion of annual employee holiday bonuses.

Board member Schaffner present at 11:45 a.m.

Discussion held.

Motion made and carried unanimously to pay an annual holiday bonus of $120 to each employee as a wage payment that would also include appropriate benefits payments.

Discussion held regarding changes in the Local 802 Health Benefits Plan, its impact on members covered by the union’s various collective bargaining agreements, and its impact on staff also covered by collective bargaining agreements.

Motion made and carried unanimously to send a memo to the AFM urging that all future electronic media agreements contain an escalator clause that ties employer health benefit contributions to any increases required by the Local 802 and/or Local 47 health benefits funds.

Blumenthal initiated a discussion regarding the Executive Board’s Officers’ Expense Oversight Committee. (See minutes of July 25, 2006.)

Discussion held.

Meeting recessed at 1:25 p.m.

Meeting resumed at 2:40 p.m. Present: Lennon, Blumenthal, Dennison Gale, Gagliardi, Landolfi, Schaffner, Schwartz, Shankin, Weiss and Rohdin.

Board member Landolfi presented a report from the Officers’ Expense Oversight Committee.

Discussion held.

Motion made and carried that whereas there was no policy that expenses be collected from a third party, and that such expenses remain outstanding, an attempt shall be made to first collect such money from the third party before other action is taken. Opposed: Blumenthal and Landolfi.

Motion made and seconded to pay personal AOL Internet service for President Lennon.

Substitute motion made and seconded that Lennon be required to pay AOL internet service charges incurred beginning in August 2006 through the date of cancellation

Amendment made and carried to the substitute motion that Lennon’s payments for AOL internet service charges begin with the June 2006 charges. Opposed: Gagliardi, Gale, Schwartz and Weiss.

Substitute motion passed unanimously.

Motion made and carried to approve the Officers’ Expense Oversight Subcommittee’s report with the exception of a $120 Cingular charge on President Lennon’s expenses, which was to be referred to legal counsel for resolution. Opposed: Landolfi.

Blumenthal reported on the status of the Mostly Mozart agreement.

Blumenthal reported that he had hired Karen Fisher as the new concert representative beginning January 2, 2006.

Goldman reported on the status of Local 802 investments and that he would be making a full review of these investments for a future report to the Board. Goldman also reported on plans for expenditures in the 2006 capital budget, and on plans to amend the 2007 budget to include some provision of staff overtime.

Board member Gale excused at 4:00 p.m.

Principal Representative Donovan appeared before the Board and presented an agreement with the Irish Repertory Theatre.

Motion made and carried unanimously to approve the agreement.

Discussion held on whether or not member email lists should be made available to candidates in the 2006 Local 802 Officers’ Election.

Meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.