Fee-Free Withdrawals Are Growing at AFCU

Volume CI, No. 6June, 2001

Members of the Actors Federal Credit Union have a new ability to access their money electronically without incurring transaction charges. The addition of substantial numbers of AFCU-owned ATMs and the introduction of a new ACTORCASH Visa check card has increased the number of fee-free transactions significantly.

The credit union reported recently that fully 50 percent of all member transactions made using check/ATM cards are free. “This is a very significant number,” said AFCU President Jeff Rodman. “It means that we’ve been successful in educating our members about getting cash back during point-of-sale transactions, utilizing AFCU-owned ATMs, and using our newest resource, ACTORCASH Visa check cards.” Members are now performing more than 50,000 ATM/check card-based transactions each month.

The addition of the ACTORCASH Visa Check Card has played an especially important role in providing members fee-free access to their accounts. Within the first three months of availability, nearly 1,000 check cards had been ordered and were being utilized by members.

Meantime, AFCU is continuing to place additional ATMs in New York City. Two new machines were added during April: at the McDonald’s located at 160 Broadway, near the World Trade Center, and at 6 Water Street, across from the Staten Island Ferry. This brings the number of AFCU-owned ATMs in New York City to 14, and negotiations are under way for additional placements. For an up to date listing of all AFCU-owned ATMs, log on to