From the Grass Roots, A Committee Is Born

Volume CVIII, No. 4April, 2008

There’s strength in numbers. In 2005, as part of a strategic planning process under the prior administration, the 802 Executive Board asked the Recording Department to work with the community of recording musicians to form their own rank-and-file committee.

That’s how the Recording Musicians Committee was born. It’s made up of those who currently work in one or more of the various parts of the electronic media field, including recordings, TV, jingles and films.

This rank-and-file committee has met regularly for nearly two years and has provided invaluable advice and guidance to the Recording Department and the union’s officers. Forty-two musicians have attended committee meetings to exchange views, propose activities and plan projects.

Some of the Recording Musicians Committee’s recent projects include:

  • Promoting scoring in New York.

  • Drafting legislation to get post-production work covered by the terms of the state and city film production tax credit.

  • Lobbying the AFM to create a promulgated agreement for video game scoring, one that is appropriately focused on the market.

In addition, the committee is strongly interested in educating fellow musicians about the contracts under which they work. To that end, over 100 musicians have attended seminars organized by the committee about the terms of the Sound Recording Agreement.

The Recording Musicians Committee has also produced an online video presentation about the AFM pension plan and its role in providing retirement security for working musicians. The video was viewed by over 2,000 musicians nationwide in 2007.

Finally, the committee is resolved to help recording musicians increase their work opportunities and also increase the union’s market share where we have less of a presence.

To join the Recording Musicians Committee, contact Principal Business Rep David Sheldon in the Recording Department at (212) 245-4802, ext. 194.