Volume 124, No. 1January, 2024

If you’ve been called to play or contract a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization, please be aware that Local 802 has recently created a new Fundraising Service Agreement and scale. These new rates may make it easier for musicians to earn union wages and benefits while playing or contracting fundraising concerts. The new fundraising scale includes fair wages, health and pension contributions, mileage, reimbursement for tolls, doubling, music prep, paid overtime, cartage, a grievance procedure, recording protections, and more standard union provisions. Whether you’re a bandleader, contractor, conductor or an ensemble musician, you should always ask for a union contract when performing a fundraising gig. The Fundraising Service Agreement is available upon request from Local 802, and use of the scale requires pre-approval. For more information and to set up a fundraising contract, send an e-mail to