Gendertainers: From Safety to Celebration

From the Entertainment Community Fund

Volume 123, No. 3March, 2023

Mario Ismael Espinoza, LCSW

Mario Ismael Espinoza will be leading the group

The Entertainment Community Fund (formerly The Actors Fund) is a national human services organization that helps address the specific needs of musicians and other entertainment professionals — with a unique understanding of the challenges involved with a life in the arts, and with the knowledge of what it takes to thrive in an often-unpredictable industry. At the Fund, our support groups offer a safe and confidential setting where performing arts and entertainment professionals can share and learn, as well as provide and receive support.

This spring the Entertainment Community Fund will be offering Gendertainers: From Safety to Celebration, an 8-week group for entertainment professionals whose gender exists outside of the Male/Female binary and/or are of the Trans experience, as well as people who are currently unsure or questioning their assigned gender identity.

While exploring the question “What is it like being Gender Expansive in the entertainment industry?”, this group aims to create a safe and affirming space where participants can engage in dialog and inquiry to address the impact of outdated gender roles and expectations placed on individuals and communities, and to celebrate the contributions of the trans community in the performing arts and entertainment industry.

Gendertainers: From Safety to Celebration begins on April 3. This group is open to entertainment professionals living in the United States, Puerto Rico and US territories, with all sessions held via Zoom.

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