Grievance Corner

Volume CV, No. 3March, 2005

Boston Conservatory of Music. Local 802 and the Boston Conservatory of Music recently settled a music preparation grievance involving the failure to pay wages and benefits to the orchestrator for its production of the opera “The Captain’s Daughter.” The contract, signed in August 2002, provided for the payment of services at 80 percent of the Local 802 General Price List for use in the Boston Conservatory production only. The contract further provided that the additional 20 percent, along with appropriate pension and health benefits contributions, would be paid for use of the orchestrations in any other theatre. The 20 percent provision was triggered when the opera was performed in St. Petersburg, Russia in March 2003.

After a grievance hearing by the Local 802 Executive Board, the orchestrator was paid $3,939.74 plus interest in wages, $196.99 in health benefits, and a $354.58 pension contribution.