Grievance Corner

Volume CV, No. 12December, 2005

Music Prep. Local 802’s Music Preparation Department has settled a grievance against a Broadway producer, recovering more than $21,000 in wages and benefits for a member. The grievance arose when the producer failed to make payment to the orchestrator for the rental publication “new use” of his orchestrations, as required under the Broadway agreement. Local 802 raised the grievance in August after receiving a phone call from the orchestrator’s agent concerning outstanding payments. When the producer did not respond to a letter from the union demanding payment, 802 filed a grievance against the League. Shortly thereafter, attorneys for the producer contacted the union and agreed to pay the outstanding wages in the amount of $20,224.41 and pension contribution of $16,17.95. The union received checks on Oct. 3. Local 802’s ability to settle this grievance for the full amounts due highlights the importance of working under a union agreement. In spite of an agreement negotiated by an agent, it took the union’s intervention and ongoing relationship with the League to reach a conclusion and full payment. If you are a music prep musician with questions about the field, contact Tina Hafemeister at (212) 245-4802, ext. 119.