HBP Now Covers Domestic Partners

Volume CII, No. 2February, 2002

The Local 802 Health Benefits Plan recently announced an important expansion of coverage. Benefits for domestic partners will now be provided on the same basis as dependent benefits.

The plan defines domestic partners as two unmarried adults (both of whom are 18 years or older) of the same sex, neither of whom is married or legally separated, who have resided with each other for at least 12 months prior to applying for coverage and intend to live continuously with each other indefinitely.

They may not be related by blood closer than the law would permit by marriage; must be financially dependent on each other and have an exclusive close and committed relationship with each other; must not have terminated the domestic partnership; and must have registered as domestic partners in the municipality in which they reside (if applicable).

In order to verify domestic partner status, the Fund is asking participants to complete an affidavit attesting to the domestic partnership and either a declaration of financial interdependence (if each is dependent on the other partner) or an Affidavit of “Dependency” for Tax Purposes (if the domestic partner being added to the policy is financially dependent on the participant). The fund also requires two items of proof of cohabitation and joint responsibility for common welfare, if applicable. In addition, participants who live in municipalities like New York and san Francisco, which offer a domestic partner registry, must show proof that they have registered as domestic partners.

For copies of these forms or more information about this coverage, contact the Local 802 Health Benefits Program.