Health Fund Contribution Rates Other than Broadway

Volume CVIII, No. 2February, 2008

Single Engagement Club Dates

$27/engagement ($28 1/1/08)

Freelance Classical Concert

$41.73/ performance*

Freelance Opera and Ballet

$42.38 / performance

Sound Recording

$22/first session of the day, $16.50 ea addl.

Motion Picture and TV Film

$20.34/ day

TV/Radio Jingle

$17 +3% of wages ($20.45 one hour session)

Industrial Films

$21/ 2 hour session


$16/day capped at $70/week

Experimental Video Games

$21 / day

RCMH Christmas Spectacular (substitute)

$35/perf. cap $72/week

AFM touring shows, (Pamphlet B),

$59 per week plus Hosp.

Off Broadway – varies with contract, check with off-Bdway Rep

Music Preparation – check with MP Department for rates

LS-1 Contracts – contributions of up to 15% of earnings can be made utilizing these individual contracts signed by your employer.

Music Director Personal Services Agreements – contributions of up to 15% of earnings, same as LS -1

Other Contracts – if a contract you work under is not included above, do not hesitate to call Local 802 to find the applicable contribution rate

* currently under negotiation