Help! I Need a Wedding Band! Fast!

Volume CIX, No. 1January, 2009

We’re not a booking agency, but from time to time, Local 802 receives requests for live music, mostly from the general public looking to hire musicians for weddings, private parties and corporate events. Sometimes we receive calls from other unions wanting to hire musicians for some kind of function. And occasionally, we get calls from television and film casting agencies or producers, record companies and jingle houses. 
What does the union do when we get a request for live music? We have what’s called our Musicians’ Referral Service. We call up Local 802 members (or their groups) who have registered with us, and we tell them about the job opportunity. We make sure to rotate through our list, so that we don’t call the same union members over and over again.

Now, for the first time, we are posting job opportunities on the members-only section of our Web site. That way, members may view the kind of jobs that come in and respond to the posting, if they are available for the date.

From our home page, click “Members Click Here!” Once logged in, look for the new job posting link on the right.

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