Volume 120, No. 6June, 2020

Local 802 Electronic Music Committee

By the Local 802 Electronic Music Committee

Confined to our homes, musicians are turning to new solutions to work, create, teach, record, collaborate and perform. Many of us are suddenly having to learn and develop new technologies and methods. Local 802 and our Electronic Music Committee have been providing technical support to musicians on a range of topics including home recording software, audio hardware, and optimizing audio for conferencing and teaching. To help you navigate evolving technologies, we’ve built a Tech Support Portal in our new Web site. You may also request a free personal consultation. Start at

The Electronic Music Committee has received an incredible influx of volunteers to assist in the Electronic Music Center’s efforts. If you are a music technology expert or have discovered solutions for remote work, we’d love to hear from you at Thank you to all of the volunteers who have reached out so far!

The Electronic Music Committee was formed as a think tank to examine the usage of electronics on Broadway. The EMC consists of industry professionals representing a wide cross-section of the Broadway community, including music directors, orchestrators, composers, programmers and instrumentalists. The EMC now collects data on current issues regarding electronics and discusses the future of how electronics relates to the lives of all musicians, both in the theatre and more broadly. All Local 802 members are welcome and encouraged to contribute to the conversation.

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