Highlights from Labor Day 2019

Photo op

Volume 119, No. 9October, 2019

Solidarity forever! At this year’s annual Labor Day Parade, the Patriot Brass Ensemble led the way up Fifth Avenue while Art Baron’s band performed rousing tunes from the Local 802 float. “I’m happy that I got the chance to play with so many fun and interesting musicians in the Labor Day Parade,” Baron told Allegro. “It says a lot about 802 to let me have the unbridled opportunity to assemble an ensemble of the créme de la créme! Thank you to President Adam Krauthamer and all the officers and staff of 802 for making the debut of AB’S GONNA GETCHA BRASS BAND a reality!” And Steven Behnke told us, “It was such an honor to lead the whole NYC Labor Day parade, wearing our Local 802 shirts, showing our union pride, and knowing that marching behind us were the governor, other city and state government officials and high-level union leaders!”

PHOTOS BY KATE GLICKSBERG (except photo of Patriot Brass Ensemble by Emily Dunn)