HMO Plan to Change

Volume CIV, No. 5May, 2004

The Local 802 Health Benefits Plan is pleased to announce that effective May 1, 2004 we will be changing HMO providers from MagnaHealth to Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Direct HMO. Here are some of the benefits of Direct HMO:

  • Direct HMO has providers in the eight contiguous counties of New Jersey (Monmouth, Middlesex, Union, Hudson, Essex, Bergen, Passaic and Sussex). What this means is that participants who reside in New Jersey will now be eligible to enroll in Direct HMO. (This was not possible under MagnaHealth.)
  • Referrals from primary care physicians are no longer required. Provided that the participant stays within the Direct HMO network of doctors you have access to any network doctor or specialist.
  • This is the largest network in New York State. Direct HMO provides access to a network of over 46,000 provider locations and 211 participating hospitals.
  • Direct HMO provides hospitalization coverage.
  • The Plan A cap of $50,000 and Plan B cap of $5,000 do not apply. There are no known caps in Direct HMO.
  • Direct HMO carries with it the name recognition of Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield.

For more details, benefits summary and premium rates, please see the Health Benefits section or call us at (212) 245-4802.

If you are a plan participant you will receive additional information in the mail.