Honoring Florence Nelson

Volume CV, No. 9September, 2005

The following resolution, adopted at the AFM convention, awards emiritus status to Florence Nelson, the outgoing AFM secretary-treasurer.

WHEREAS, Florence Nelson has served the interests of musicians throughout the United States, Canada, and through her activities as AFM representative to FIM, much of the rest of the world; and

WHEREAS, This exemplary service included her performance as a representative of her colleagues in the New York City Opera, the members of Local 802 in New York as head of the Concert Department, and thereafter as vice president of Local 802, the musicians of the constituent orchestras of ICSOM through her service as treasurer of that player conference, the musicians employed in the constituent orchestras of ICSOM, ROPA, OCSM, as well as other professional symphony, opera and ballet musicians as the director of the Symphonic Services Division of the AFM, and most recently, all of the members of the AFM as the secretary-treasurer of the Federation; and

WHEREAS, The history of her dedicated service as set forth above, speaks volumes about her talent, expertise, devotion and commitment to musicians everywhere, as well as to trade unions of all kinds, through her activities at the AFL-CIO; and

WHEREAS, Despite the fact that, for her immediate future she will, for the first time in her adult professional life, be without a formal representative trade union position, it is the fervent hope and expectation that she will continue to be available to musicians everywhere, just as her spirit and devotion will nevertheless continue to reside in the hearts and minds of those musicians; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, That Florence Nelson be granted the title of Secretary-Treasurer Emerita of the AFM, and honorary officer of ICSOM, ROPA and OCSM, along with the gratitude, admiration, respect and love of professional musicians and the entire music industry in North America; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That this resolution be framed and presented to Florence Nelson as a reminder to her of the gratitude and appreciation of her friends and colleagues.