Volume 120, No. 4April, 2020

Local 802 member Steven Behnke has created a Facebook resource group because, he tells Allegro, “it’s really important musicians have a digital home while we’re going through one of the greatest challenges our community has ever faced.” Behnke works with other administrators in the group, including Local 802 Executive Board member Janet Axelrod, Local 802 members Nikki Abissi, Gökce Erem, Jim Lutz, Erin Paul, David Stern, Ron Wasserman and Adam Wolfe, and fellow musicians Chanell Crichlow, Ryan Fisk, Will Marinelli, Justin Nurin, Amelia Robinson and Ed Windels.

“Every day until the music returns, we’re going to have a daily group video chat from 5 to 5:30 p.m.,” Behnke says. “This will be a way of keeping our mental health in check while having some fun. It is also a great way of keeping informed.” Start at the Facebook link below then click the EVENTS button and look for the group video chat.

Here are some screen shots from the discussion happening at