ICSOM Salutes David Lennon

Volume CIV, No. 10October, 2004

The following resolution was passed unanimously by acclamation at the 2004 ICSOM conference:

Whereas, the use of the virtual orchestra machine to replace live musicians is an abomination to the art form and a threat to the livelihood of working musicians; and

Whereas, all musicians and music lovers should deplore the machine’s use in all venues for any purpose; and

Whereas, there are those whose love of money and fear of unions lead them to welcome this machine and seek to promote the widespread use thereof; and

Whereas, in recent months David Lennon as president of AFM Local 802 of New York City has waged an enormously successful campaign in the New York City area in achieving contracts with music presenters and music venues which contain specific prohibitions against the use of virtual orchestra machines; and

Whereas, legal attacks on the validity of such contracts have been repelled, and those prohibitions have been found to be valid and enforceable by the National Labor Relations Board; therefore, be it

Resolved, that the delegates to the 2004 ICSOM conference applaud and congratulate David Lennon, his staff and fellow officers on their valiant efforts; and, be it further

Resolved, that the AFM, its locals, and all musicians deplore the use of the machine and take whatever steps available to them to impede the spread of this threat to music and musicians.

Presented by the ICSOM Governing Board.