IN THE STUDIO: the making of a Broadway cast album

Photo op

Volume 119, No. 6June, 2019

Walter Karling

Local 802 musicians from the Broadway show “Beetlejuice” recently recorded a cast album at the DiMenna Center. Allegro photographer Walter Karling was given access to the session, which was recorded under a union contract. MUSIC COORDINATOR: Howard Joines; MUSIC DIRECTOR: Kris Kukul; ASSOC CONDUCTOR/KEYBOARDS: Adam Laird; REED 1: Vito Chiavuzzo (flute, piccolo, clarinet, alto, soprano); REED 2: Rick Heckman (flute, piccolo, alto, oboe); REED 3: Jay Brandford (flute, clarinet, tenor, bari, bass clarinet); TRUMPET 1: Tony Kadleck (plus flugelhorn); TRUMPET 2: Dylan Schwab (plus flugelhorn); TROMBONE: Nate Mayland (plus bass trombone and tuba); KEYBOARDS: Joey Joseph; BASS: Conrad Korsch (electric and acoustic basses); GUITAR 1: Sean Driscoll (electric, acoustic steel, acoustic nylon, cuatro); GUITAR 2: John Putnam (electric, acoustic steel, ukulele); DRUMS: Shannon Ford ; PERCUSSION: Josh Samuels; VIOLIN AND CONCERTMASTER: Adda Kridler; VIOLIN/VIOLA: Entela Barci ; VIOLIN 2: Sarah Zun; CELLO: Alon Bisk.