Introducing Local 802 Staff

Volume C, No. 9September, 2000

Avelon Ramnath, a member of the 802 staff since the late 1970s, was recently named supervisor of the Membership Department. Ms. Ramnath, who moved to the United States from Trinidad in 1973, began her career at Local 802 as a teller in the Musicians’ Credit Union. After the credit union suspended operations in 1992, she moved into the Membership Department, where she has worked ever since.

Natasha Jackson, Local 802 Jazz Rep since last October, has been involved in the union movement since 1997, when she began working for SEIU in New Orleans, organizing hospitality workers and helping to build labor-community coalitions. She then worked in the huge campaign that defeated California’s notorious “paycheck deception” ballot referendum, and on California Governor Gray Davis’ election campaign. A native of Kalamazoo, Mich., she received a bachelor’s degree in public policy and economics from Michigan State University in East Lansing.

Lynn Jordan, who began working in the President’s Office and Music Prep Department in March, worked as office manager at the Institute for Family Development, from 1987-2000. She had previously worked in public relations, writing and office support at the New York State Dental Journal. Ms. Jordan has an arts background – she attended the High School of Art & Design for three years – and pursued a dual major in journalism and psychology during studies at Syracuse, NYU and Columbia University.