Introducing New Concert Rep

Volume CV, No. 1January, 2005

Jacob Heyman-Kantor passed his 90-day probation on Nov. 21 and joins the staff of 802 as concert rep.

Prior to coming to 802, Heyman-Kantor worked in the political action department of the United Federation of Teachers and studied labor relations at the Queens College Labor Resource Center.

He first became interested in unions when he was living in Northern Ireland during a nationwide firefighter strike. He says he is continually inspired by how unions can allow working people to stand up for themselves.

Heyman-Kantor earned a B.A. from Hamilton College in sociology and Spanish language and literature. He wrote his college thesis on ex-convicts living in upstate New York. Heyman-Kantor is an amateur flute player, a movie buff and a self-described political junky.