Is your information correct?

Volume 113, No. 8September, 2013

The 2014-2015 Local 802 directory will be compiled at the end of this year. Thousands of musicians receive a copy of this book and use it as a vital resource.

Here’s how to check to make sure your information will be printed correctly in the next edition of our membership directory:

To appear in the Local 802 membership directory and to follow these steps below, you must be a current member of Local 802. To pay your membership dues or check your member status, call (212) 245-4802 and ask for the Membership Department, or e-mail

  1. Start by clicking on “Member Portal Login.” (If this is your first time using the new portal, click on the words “Don’t have a profile? Register here.”) If you have any problems registering, please send an e-mail to
  2. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a summary page with your basic information. Find the phrase “View account info” near the left side of the screen, and click on it.
  3. Now your information should be displayed. The information in Local 802’s database for you is: your legal name; your “directory name” (how you would like your name to appear in the directory, if different from your legal name, i.e. your stage name or preferred nickname); one primary instrument; up to seven secondary instruments; address; home phone; business phone; e-mail; fax; pager; cell phone; website address*; and whether you are a conductor, arranger or copyist. (*This is new! Submit your web site address now!)
  4. If any of this information is missing on the screen, it means we don’t have it. However, it’s O.K. if some of the information is blank. For instance, if you only play one instrument, you won’t see any secondary instruments listed. If there’s no difference between your legal name and the name you want printed in the directory, the field called “directory name” will be blank. If you don’t own a pager or fax, you won’t see these fields filled in.
  5. How you see your information on the screen determines what will be printed in the membership directory. If the information on the screen is incorrect or incomplete, or if you need to update it, send an e-mail to Please include your union card number whenever you e-mail us. We must receive your e-mail by Nov. 16 in order to print the correct information in the membership directory. (Also, please allow one week for changes to become active on the portal. Check back in a week to make sure your info is correct!)
  6. If you would like to use a different name to be printed in the directory instead of your legal name, please e-mail and give us a “directory name,” which is the name that will be printed in the directory for you.

If you don’t have e-mail or if you have any problems that you wish to resolve by phone, please call the Membership Department at (212) 245-4802. If you have problems or questions with the portal, please e-mail or call (212) 245-4802, ext. 139 or 142.


Your union dues must be current for your name to appear in the directory.