It’s a New Day…

Local 802 members react to historic election

Volume CVIII, No. 12December, 2008

When Obama won, I was in disbelief. Now I’m cautiously optimistic that he can effect some positive change in the enormous momentum driving the world ever onward toward a seemingly calamitous rendezvous with destiny.

Armen Donelian

Wednesday morning felt like a new world. To think that America could still reinvent itself when necessary is inspiring.

Jamshied Sharifi 

I was overwhelmed watching the results of this historic election. The American people chose to ignore color and race for what hopefully will be better leadership for all in this country. Based on our past history, this was truly remarkable.

Dennin Williams

Obama’s victory is one of the most amazing and inspirational events in history. It is also only one step in a thousand-mile journey. There’s lots of work ahead to heal this damaged nation. The celebrations are over: back to work, America!

Jon Berger

When I saw Obama win on CNN, it was a very proud and emotional moment. It’s also sobering, as it took bringing our country to its knees to come together as one. We’re electing the first African-American president and also at the same time saying “no more” to the failed policies of Bush and Cheney. I got e-mails of congratulations from my musician friends all over the world. It’s one of the greatest, memorable moments of national pride and hope for the future!

Jon Hammond

When it was clear that Obama had won the election, my wife and I cried. After eight years of a time when knowledge and intelligence were deemed “elitist,” Obama is a welcome breath of sanity. A president with an intelligent, brilliant mind! I am proud that I got to see an African American win the presidency, too. It’s about time.

Vinnie Zummo 

With the election of Barack Obama, the future again feels open to possibilities for all. Perhaps it felt the same when the founding fathers and mothers of this country prevailed for the freedom and rights of all people in the country — not just the very rich.

Dana Reedy