Joy Winkler appointed Chief of Staff

Volume 119, No. 4April, 2019

Joy Winkler

Local 802 is thrilled to announce that Director of Organizing and Field Services Joy Winkler will be transitioning into a new role as Chief of Staff.

As you may remember from her introductory article in the July 2018 issue of Allegro, Joy came to Local 802 in May 2018 with a wealth of labor experience organizing higher education adjunct faculty and graduate assistants at NYU, Columbia University, and UMass Boston. Prior to that, she worked as a community organizer in Massachusetts. Especially exciting for us, Joy also has a musical background and trained as a vocalist and pianist.

As Director of Organizing and Field Services, Joy has worked to create more effective organizational structures at Local 802, from thinking more strategically about organizing campaigns to leveraging the power musicians already hold in our city. She hopes to build on that work as Chief of Staff, ensuring that each department has the resources and structures in place as we work to bring more musicians into the fold from traditionally underrepresented communities. In the meantime, Joy will play an active role in onboarding our next Director of Organizing and will continue to balance some duties in the Organizing Department as she transitions into her new role. Local 802 is grateful to have Joy on our team in this new capacity