A tribute to Ken Swinkin

Volume 122, No. 5May, 2022

Ken Swinkin, 46, a drummer, died of Covid on May 28, 2021. Mr. Swinkin, who joined Local 802 in 1999, was already in love with drums by the age of 7. He was a dedicated musician whose dream was to play in a Broadway orchestra. He studied in the jazz program at William Paterson College and became a successful freelance musician. He played for U.S. tours of “The Music Man,” “Stand By Your Man: The Tammy Wynette Story,” “A Christmas Carol” “and Miracle on 34th Street,” and in Europe he played for a tour of “Grease.” Regional/summer-stock credits include the Mac-Haydn Theater, Surflight Theater and Meadow Brook Theater. Most recently, he played at the Waterfront Playhouse in Key West, Florida. Mr. Swinkin is survived by his father Bill and brother Jeffrey, who is also a musician as well as a teacher.