Knitting Factory Artists Face Deadline

Membership Alert

Volume CVII, No. 6June, 2007

Did you record for Knitting Factory Records, Instinct or KnitMedia? Thanks to a settlement brokered by musicians and the union, Local 802 may be holding on to copies of your old CD’s.

However, the union can not hold on to these CD’s indefinitely. In fact, we will have to return the stock currently held by June 15. Musicians wishing to buy back CD’s must arrange to do so by June 15. Here’s how:

  1. Call Recording Rep David Sheldon at (212) 245-4802, ext. 194. Let him know you are a former Knitting Factory recording artist and ask if the union is holding any of your CD’s. He can also tell you how many of which title. Then, arrange with Sheldon to get a release form. Once you have it, sign it and have it notarized.
  2. Decide how many of your CD’s you want, and write a check for $2 per unit made out to “Local 802 KnitMedia.” (This money does not go to the union. Local 802 has to pay it back to KnitMedia.)
  3. Once the union has your notarized release form — and once your check clears — the union can release your CD’s to you.
  4. Arrange to come to the union building at 322 West 48th Street and pick up your CD’s. (Please call first.)

You are then free to re-sell your CD’s at whatever price you want.

For more information, call David Sheldon at (212) 245-4802, ext. 194