“Legally Blonde” On MTV

Volume CVII, No. 11November, 2007

In July, an agreement was negotiated for the taping and broadcast of “Legally Blonde” on MTV and MTV-related channels on basic cable.

The agreement calls for payment to each musician of scale of $2,020.20 plus doubling, contractor, first trumpet, librarian, synthesizer and electronic premiums found in the Broadway agreement for the taping itself and one cycle of broadcasts.

This cycle includes six 24-hour broadcast periods during 30 days.

Additionally, musicians earn payment in accordance with the Broadway agreement for all extra work required for the taping, including a ninth performance at time and a half.

Pension is to be paid under the Broadway agreement (i.e., the “Turkus award”).

Any reuse of the product requires an additional payment to each musician equal to one week’s wages at the then prevailing rate under the Broadway agreement, whether it is for a DVD, additional broadcasts or CD release.

A penalty of two weeks’ wages is due to the musicians if the show closes within three months. (The penalty is one week’s wages if the show closes between four and six months.)

Music prep personnel earn a re-use payment in accordance with provisions of the Broadway agreement.

Both the names of individual musicians and the Local 802 logo will appear in the credits for the program when it is aired.

Rank-and-file members Matt Gallagher, Tino Gagliardi, Peter Sachon, Andrew Schwartz and Dan Willis participated in the negotiations with Recording Supervisor Jay Schaffner and President Mary Landolfi.