“Lestat” Cast Album Musicians Get Paid

Grievance Corner

Volume CVI, No. 9September, 2006

At the end of July, the Recording Department finally received all session musician wages and music prep wages for the cast album of “Lestat,” the Broadway musical which closed over the summer.

The cast album was recorded on May 22, 2006, and shortly thereafter a decision was made in the U.K. by the show’s producers not to release the album. At that point Mercury Records U.K. informed Universal Music that since it was not going to be released, they did not have to pay.

Initially, they finally agreed to pay the session musicians but not the music prep musicians.

The union pointed out that music prep, when used for the first time in a sound recording, pays as if it were an original use for the sound recording. (The only difference is that no health is paid.)

Team Music and Universal finally agreed that payment was in order.

The total wages of all musicians is $75,557.67. The total pension is $7,555.74. The total health is $1,867.

For more information, call Recording Supervisor Jay Schaffner at (212) 245-4802, ext. 161.