Lifestyle Notes

Volume CII, No. 12December, 2002

Dr. Diane Gioia-Bargonetti

(The following article, submitted by a Local 802 member, contains advice and suggestions intended to improve one’s health and well-being. Local 802 and Allegro offer no endorsement or recommendation regarding the efficacy or safety of any of the remedies suggested, and readers may wish to consult their healthcare professional before following the advice offered herein.)

Do you want to give your body one of the greatest gifts it could every receive? How about an anti-aging elixir?

The following information will so positively affect your life that you will be thanking me every time you run into me on the street. (But I probably won’t recognize you because you will all look so young!) Your skin will come alive with a vibrant, healthy glow and you won’t be susceptible to colds and the flu like before. I can hear you all saying, “Right. . .and the check is in the mail!”

Here is the formula for this powerful elixir. Mix 2 tsp. of organic apple cider vinegar with 1-2 tsp. of good honey into approximately 6-8 oz. of distilled or pure water. Drink this upon rising every day, and you will quickly see and feel the results.

By “good honey” I mean unprocessed honey that hasn’t been heated to a temperature that not only changes all its medicinal properties, but also makes it hard to digest. Many varieties are available at your local health food store. All road warriors need to know that honey is a bioactive agent, which means it can cause a biological change in your body. If you have a cut on your finger and apply honey directly, it amazingly expedites healing. Honey also contains anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agents, so it is great as a salve for burns in a pinch.

Now, if honey can do all that on your skin, imagine what it can do internally. Diabetics or those with hypoglycemia should check with their health care professional before using honey, as it affects blood sugar levels in the same way that refined sugars do. Since tupelo honey contains more fructose than other types of honey and is absorbed at a slower rate, those with hypoglycemia can sometimes use it sparingly. You can also substitute maple syrup, rice bran syrup or stevia as your tastes require. Additionally, honey should never be given to children under one year of age.

And I’ve heard all the complaints. “I can’t drink that so early in the morning.” “Apple cider vinegar, uck!” But those who complain the most are often the ones who need the most help. They also become the biggest converts. One convert I know swears that apple cider vinegar is a perfect coffee substitute and praises the jolt it provides each morning. So if you are thinking, “How disgusting. Who could ever drink that?” my bet is you are a prime candidate for the apple cider vinegar formula.

Apple cider vinegar can:

  • • Retard aging and help you maintain a youthful,
  • vibrant body.
  • • Fight germs naturally, cleaning out toxins from the system (a definite must for sinus, asthma and flu sufferers).
  • • Help digestion and assimilation of nutrients.
  • • Regulate calcium metabolism.
  • • Help those suffering from allergies.
  • • Clean and regulate the blood and the action of the colon and kidneys.
  • • Fight the formation of arthritis in the joints by cleaning out damaging uric acid crystals from joints, tissues and organs.
  • • Help with dandruff.
  • • Help you lose weight. (If this is your goal, try taking the formula once in the morning, one hour before lunch and one hour before dinner.)

The premise behind the apple cider vinegar formula is simple. Your body has two conditions: acidic or alkaline. If your body is acidic, disease can flourish; if it is alkaline, it is in balance and can fight off germs and disease. Apple cider vinegar helps make your body more alkaline.

If you eat the typical American diet, you tend to be acidic. Generally speaking, acid-forming foods include anything high in fat, high in protein or high in sugar. (Translation: stay away from fast foods or processed foods.) Alcohol and coffee are also acidic.

Alkaline-forming foods include raw fruits and vegetables as well as leafy, green, cooked vegetables. Try to make your diet consist of three-fifths fruits and vegetables. One trick is to eat a raw salad before any meal.

If you think alkaline foods don’t agree with you, you are probably acidic. But as soon as you start eating them, your body starts eliminating dangerous toxins from your blood and soon your cravings for acidic foods and beverages diminish. A more specific list of acid- or alkaline-forming foods can be found online or in any good bookstore.

When you first drink the apple cider vinegar formula, it might have a kick to it. If you need to, add some more sweetener to make it palatable. But as your body becomes less acidic and more alkaline, it actually begins to taste good. And knowing that it is good for you makes it downright enjoyable.

I recommend organic apple cider vinegars from your local health food store. They are aged and full-bodied like fine wine, giving them a better consistency and taste. I encourage you to share this formula with everyone in your family and circle of friends. We could change the health of America if everyone took this formula. It can do no harm – it’s just another take-off on the “apple a day” theory. So give the formula to anyone who will listen, and rejuvenate and revitalize yourself.

I look forward to your e-mail comments, concerns and questions. Until next time, stay in tune. . .please!

–Dr. Di