Live from the Union!

Photo Spread

Volume 115, No. 3March, 2015

On most Monday nights, you can hear the sounds of great jazz coming from Local 802 thanks to the jam session sponsored by the Jazz Foundation of America. And now, the sounds are even sweeter: the Jazz Foundation recently renewed its agreement with Local 802, which provides guaranteed wages and pension contributions for the house band, giving musicians the chance to vest in the pension fund. Check our Events Calendar for upcoming dates. For more information, call Joe Petrucelli at the Jazz Foundation of America at (212) 245-3999, ext. 10, or send an e-mail to

Featured below are Zeke Mullins on piano, Kim Clarke and Alex Layne on bass and Rudy Lawless on drums. The house band also includes pianists Richard Clements and Ellis Pough, and Greg Bandy on drums. Photos by Walter Karling.